About Haggs Tackle

About Us

Hagg's Tackle is one of the sister sites of Haggerty Lures.

At Hagg's Tackle you can find ready-to-ship Fishing Lures, Jigs and Flies, Fly Tying supplies, storage and gift items for Fishermen and Outdoorsmen. When we have overstock or tie ahead, have "ooops" lures and training flies and jigs from our Vises for Vets program, 2nds with chipped paint or a crooked eyeball - it'll be here. (They'll be clearly marked, take advantage of great deals!)

So if you forgot to order jigs for your trip, got unexpectedly invited for a day on the water, lost more flies than you thought you would or just want to try something new and can't wait - start here. Quantities are very limited, so grab them when you see them. We'll also put our quick-ship gift and sublimated items here if you'd like to surprise your favorite Outdoorsman or Outdoorswoman with something special.

We DO NOT accept special orders from this site, it's our "Cash and Carry, Scratch and Dent, Get 'em off our Tying Desk" site. You'll find Clearance and discontinued items, including those we've temporarily stopped production on because of supply issues. Many types of feathers are hard to get, as well as some style hooks. If we have materials laying around for popular lures we'll tie them up and pop them up here. 

Haggerty Lures is a site for custom hand tied Fishing Lures, Jigs and Flies made by Bill and Lori Haggerty. We've been doing this since 2004, as our full time Business. We've got quite a few long time customers that order year after year, and wait times for lures can be from 3 weeks to several months. We've amassed a whole lot of jigs, jig heads, materials and finished products that can ship quickly, but it's been hard to catalog them and get them out to you; Hagg's Tackle will help with that.

We hope you enjoy our items! Tight Lines and Clear Skies...

Bill and Lori Haggerty