Peacock Bass Jigs

Haggerty Lures

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Peacock Bass Jigs - 1/2oz with guppy heads.

Bucktail jigs with traditional 80lb test teaser tails, Mustad 6/0 2x strong hooks. 
Unique yet effective colors when you're looking for something different. Great for large Bass, Muskie and High/Low rigs for Fluke and Flounder too. 

Blue Firetiger

Neon Tetra - Blue and White

Sun Perch - Olive and Yellow

Sexy Shad - Blue and Chartreuse

Black and Orange

These are available for immediate shipment, when they're gone they're gone. These jigs are leftover from a special order.

For more Peacock Bass Jigs visit Haggerty Lures Peacock Bass Jigs

Please keep in mind we're 8-12 weeks out on most orders! Bucktails are in short supply, order early.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review